The Living Poem


What does life want out of me?
I walked with what I wanted
Going nowhere, where else can I go?

Life has belittled me, just a pebble
Everyone has left me, alone I sit
What does life want out of me?

Death reminds me everyday
I envy those who live oblivious
What will death not take away?

What will death not take?
That life has not taken already?
Empty hands, empty heart, empty wants

Living with nothing, with nowhere to go
Dying with nothing, with nowhere to go
Just the sense that existence calls

Each tone, the breeze, the cold shiver
Calling saying live for the sake of living
Your broken… good, disappear, die then laugh

Love calls constantly knocks here and there
Directing me constantly here and there
I’m so poor I don’t know how to live with it

Pouring love like water out of every pore
The energy almost dissipated, now I’ll hold it
Love calls, now there is nowhere to pour or go…


Él Mapa de Samadhá

Mapa Samadha is not
A name its an indication
Ma means mother, earth, or
that which supports…
Pa means father, seed, or
that which gives…
Together they mean
that which gives support…

Sa means protection, shelter, or
that which maintains…
Ma or mama once again
means mother, earth, or
that which supports…
Dha or Da or dada means
father, seed, or that which gives…
Together they mean that which 

“Maintains support gives”. Indicating the Earth’s support upon our feet, sharing of its fruit unconditionally. 

These two words describe the essence
All that I have witnessed throughout
Life and what has become
quintessentially the only significance
That seems to stick on the surface of this curved bubble in speaking of this experience… which I perceive as light in motion or life… Meaning that which happens, Through Liquid Crystal Spheres. How in modern times are called the eyes… also known as the I and all that it entails… a One Garland Verse…


The Rare Union of Re and Ra


If I can see beyond
Two eyes then this serves
Well the root and the womb
Thus I will drink till I am drunk
Bathe in understanding so
That which constitutes
Cause does not spoil me

Seeing two paths
A crossroad to walk
Before death knocks
And comes to take
My entire existence
Away from me with no
Certainty of a return
Ticket back…

The first path I see is
The one where the world
Lives through me and
All that can be described
As the world, the whirl, or
words in motion

The second path is
The one where I
live through the world
And all that can be described
As the… I… oh the eye
The thou’ght or the thou

Or the third path the one
Without a path… the one
That only few speak of
The one that few travel and walk
Without any legs!?

Where the world, the words disappear
and so do I? And only sight…
remains… spare me the antics…
even as a drop in a particle
Of light… oh the light, the sun…
the sea, oh the eye sees.

The Entanglement of eyes within mind
echoing sounds of I, of my, of mine.
Reclining in biperipheral shore living attention draining thought forms.

Which path is greater
I can not to tell you
it is your story to live
To find out or not…
Either way my life
Is going to one day end
Having shed this uncertainty

I can only be realistic
To the point that its
nauseating… all I can do
is share my experience and
this is what I have witnessed
So far… meaning it is not
Conclusive it is not the end
All and be all…
And it certainly is not
The beginning either…

Eye cannot speak
Thus how can there be hope
Without mental projections?
Thus coping is possible
Because Life is continously
Growing and Shrinking
like a Leaf… which side
Will embrace me
the Growing… the
Shrinking or will I
witness both?
And accept life as it is
In all its magnitudes
Remembering that I exist
So I am also subject to death
Seems like an unchangeable
universal holographic law
of cause and effect
If you have no concerns
at all that one day your life will
certainty without a doubt die.


Then these sixty four leaves
Of a one garland verse
disregard entirely
They are not absolute…

Thus this statement
alone I say respectfully
How can I preserve my life?
So that death does not come
If no one can tell me
then I will say this as
politely as possible… I am not

Here to waste my life on
What matters to others
It is immaterial to me
For they will not be there
With me at the gate of
Death thus my search

To take myself out or
put myself in
The cycles of Birth and
Death… is my responsibility
Alone thus I repeat over
and over again…

Conscious Eyes Exhaust
the mental fog its mist
And what remains
inexhaustible is
Thus is that
Which supports
The visible

Eye can not tell you
Truth… because
Eyes cannot speak
They can only see

Thus words can not
Truly know sight they can
Only describe its circumference
First eyes do not have vocal
Cords and two, beings cannot
see exactly the same view if
Under the filter of mind…
All experiences are subjective

Making every sentence
I speak irrelevant to you
All I can do is point a finger
to the Dancing Moon while
seeing the through sun’s eye…

I cannot force you to look
Up or to look within and tell
What you will find… impossible
Such as those who say
inside is outside without knowing
Or the above is also below
Without living that experience
like others who only repeat
what is heard or read…

Then you will never
Take the first step within
Thinking I know the
Result thus imagining
Reels instead of living it…

So I can only .. be an eye
Floating in an empty boat
All eye cannot say is that…
All I know is that words really
Can never see out of mouths…


Sun in Ra


Death is inevitable… painful

to accept … no logic in the world

Will change that; animal or human

The trembling is all the same

Every being; everyone… will die

There are no exceptions to this rule

Cutting at the earth attempting to…

Prolong the inevitable ultimate result?

To create potions; elixirs, some antidote

All actions between birth and death

Are born out of mind true or false?

For all that is visible is mind

I am but a witness that admits this

simply so… I cannot prove…

that all that is visible is mind

Just as you cannot prove… that you

have loved… it is intangible but so

All thoughts of every quality become

All emotions between pleasure and pain

All desires are born through suffering

All suffering is born out of the

unnatural desire of ego

To desire outwardly or inwardly

beyond instinct’s functions in every

form, all attention one identifies with

mind at its base is what is known as

an ego-ing and are

All energy draining actions by mental

down pours… actions detached from

its base hurt no one because there is no

No one to hurt within just an empty boat…

Whom will reflect on the inevitably Of

death and its inescapable

grasp? Separation from form can only

arise from burning out the candle of

the desire to desire by exhausting

desires that are artificial in nature

Living out each moment totally live

without the desire to hurt others so

that when you feel hurt or wronged

You will hold a grudge or be

burdened because you consider their is

someone to hold a grudge with without

realizing you are the only one being

burned by your own anger and no one

else… their is no other.. wait for what I

call the shock of this realization that

you have been in this universe alone all

along this whole time talking to

yourself hurting yourself fighting with

yourself on every level this is the truth

It can’t be understood only witnessed

By witnessing life it will come and every

malfunction will settle without effort

Slowly slowly a returning occurs so that

the Source of all Life once more alights

the shape of light in its original

emination pure and unfiltered

Mind is not; thus wakefulness is

Mind is; thus sleep is ever present

Wait for the glitch the disconnect

You will laugh or cry knowing you are

nothing but an organic machine!

What is mind? The hypnotist of sleep!

A repeating fixed pro gram for sleep

Thus explains the present regardless

Of logic, void of life with every

distraction imaginable under the sun.

But death is unavoidable, frolick,

dream go on… waste your life force

For the bell rings for

all… the toll is for thee…

Everyone has forgot about the exit

and the maze… the mirror and the

pain… The veil behind the mirror

cursed and blessed are those

whom can never forget all four…

The pain of the maze, the labyrinth of

hell and the inevitable death and

decay… so frolick… enjoy… the bell

still tolls for thee!


Son of Horus


O’Devi I’ve melt in this
Dived in the deepest
Drank the poison
Tasted the nectar and
Sheltered the darkest

Bathed in the light
Consumed the darkness
Bridged the unbridgeable
Accepted the unacceptable
Still I long for thee knowing that
Love calls from the deepest well

Devi longing for the real
Stillness burns in my veins
That move body muscle fibers
Mysteriously towards an unknown
Longing to die brought the longing
To live in the presence of thee
Shattered by ignorance

Quench this desert thirst
Of lovelessness with one touch
Falling for love towards the
Precipice in a loveless world
Filled with hate and war
Melt this heart unto the heart
Of your heart, the blood in your veins

Poured the soul unto the world
To seed love and found a cactus
Leaving the being to shrivel
In this thunder storm of entropy
Breathe life into these bones

Fear not fall for spring calls?
Fear not death for life calls?
Fear not hate for love calls?

In this wonderous world
Of conscious space, darkness,
sound, of light memories
This Flight without Wings

Every body shivers near
Death whomsoever says
No has not been near its
Doorless door yet to make
Such a claim…


Year of Anubis


O’Devi Where does the Sun
Rise and fall in this Spiral?
Where does the moon radiate its emanation in this echo?
For whom does the moon shine?

I whisper quietly it shines for not
Giving or taking know this source
Sharing or absorbing know the host
For a guest may come honor it
For each portion wants to be heard

Fighting and eating animals dwell
Suffering and desiring without end
Subjectively one suffers, sees narrow
Blinded by the mind’s fog
Objective reasoning expands sight a fraction of a hair it still blinds…
Neither subjective nor objective reason
Can see the universe within… They are magnets a net of webs, of waves that pull under current souls lost in the illusion of change…

The empty mirror hurts no one
It bounces all light back to source
O’Devi what more? What’s next?
Tasted the nectar and
Bathed in the poisons
Suffered enough what more can
life bring to teach or take away?


What more can the soul take
upon its surface without shame?
Each moment divided by emotional waves…
I mean eye say witnessing the pain…
Hermits are born through misgivings of pain…

Live and enjoy all that existence
brings? Can one imagine not this?
Oh the fragility of being
Awareness brings the trials
Ignorance brings pleasure and decay
so pleasantly disturbing…

O’Devi after a lifetime of darkness
The Lord of Death reforms form of an ego sinking in a cup…
The rigid crumble… the malleable
creatively ascend… it is obvious…
Life is ever changing
Death is all the same…
For the ocean knows no end in this play… trapped in nature’s fixed crystallined functions like an ant without a say…


Beak of Osiris


Separated from the world
I can see its problems in plain sight
A Peripheral void of possibilities
of endless living for death
Of endless death for living

I wish to tell you that I love you
Though you will never see me
Know me or hear me since I
Blended with the sky and my soul
Has been devoured in the void

Within its gate I saw.. I felt.. I know
without a doubt what this whole world
Is truly all about… but what is the
Point of speaking… of such a thing
When everyone only considers
what matters out of mind…

Though I’m dead inside
I feel more alive
Than when I thought
I was living from the head
Living in an endless loop

Of energy or in urge I
Recycling this identity of
Leaking tensions all about
I see that I see not the whole
For if that was so I would not


Be talking about this same
Topic endlessly wasting my
Life wearing down my voice
For I know the way but it is
Not a way it is not route
For it is not a space

For the key has legs and moves
With each birth to a new place
Thus depending on my birth
And condition either I am
Closer or further from the lock

The lock that is your heart
The one I miss the most
The one I hurt from being young not knowing who you truly were…
Endlessly I search for thee in every life
Meeting someone new each time wondering if accidentally I will stumble unto you…

I’ve forgotten how you look but its insignificant since this soul has always recognized you on the spot since we separate milleniums ago when we were one soul.

From person to person I have loved knowing well in secret they were not you but how can I deny their plights as each came to my door knocking thus I gave…
The part of mind, body, and heart
That they requested most. For they
were looking for a missing piece as well
that was missing in their soul…


Thus I gave, here and their pieces of
myself and when there was nothing
left of me they were no where to be
found as well, though I have willing without hesitation given of myself… nothing whatsoever…

Has been given back… In my search for
My other half, I found no one not even
A pebble of a hint of where my other
Half has been, and though many speak

Of halves or have not’s, what I speak of
Is of a deeper wave from a deeper layer as I journeyed beyond body and mind to a door without a door…
That I have accidentally discovered within myself…
Of an ancient secret of a union between two souls…

A merging of opposites with one another that complement..
Each other with missing qualities like two puzzles fitting perfectly together effortlessly…
Connecting circuits fluidly blending
With one another not just in mind but
In heart, soul, and body this I know…

How so? Near death an abyss with a catalyst opens a door called truth as some may say… It is a gateless gate
A roadless road the universe’s brain, the universe becomes alive, its library merges its forgotten history with whom ever crosses the threshold…
And all its truth come pouring in… If one survives… One awakens with new eyes… New gifts… a wisdom without asking as it follows you like a shadow it comes and shelters me within its light, its never ending darkness.


Awake in the Duat


O’Devi for a wonder like no other
I can bear the world and stumble.
For a cause so divine is this the reason.
Why hate has not filled this heart?

In hopelessness, in a world filled
with toxins grace still calls forth.
In a darkness that few reach
and come out alive from.
Why have I survived?
To speak in metaphors of layers of planes within hells, of hells within planes, as if trying to convince myself to believe in the unseen that wants to take my logic.

Shredding me to pieces like the grains of sand in a world of deserts… the moisture is enough Devi.
The trust that my words will reach beyond space and time is enough to calm the agony of distrust and dishonesty in a pool, a stagnant polluted world so cold that is depleted of love…

Easily visible this is so… take a look at the self inflicted wounds upon the earth. How I wonder why has no one noticed that it is your own skin your cutting?
Cutting at yourself, then wondering where are all these diseases are coming from? Creating fictions pretending its a mystery. The mirror lies not within
How I wait for the shock of your realization!
I promise you will weep, wholeheartedly like a child as I did begging for an answer why is all this so? Deeply reflecting on what is the purpose of this cruel lesson if it is so?… Bathing me with the most compassionate cruelty imaginable…

Knowing there is still love within
Though a dewdrop at the most, the size of a drop of light at times.
In this ocean that saturates bodies with waves of emotions without end.
Permeating this war filled world in pain.
It is a sharp slit to bear naked in the chest.
The sentiments of a time long past
Where peace still reigned without reigns of fear, without the fear of loss or gain.

A warmth still rains upon within, it wraps its snake like skin all around me, a warmth that has the potential of becoming love or pain.
Uninvited it sneeks in, such as the experience of this experience, as the gold dust settles within.

My house burns and all I can do is watch in pain… for the heart calls to soothe the ache of the mind that calls to give headaches.
The desire pulses to gift suffering
of unfulfilled dreams lingering like a thorn within my shoe on a blizzaring winter’s night.

These three are the roots, the trunk
and the leaves in the tree called life.
Let the fruit be called death the apex.
For that is when we are ripest for the earth to come and swallow us whole. Cheerfully I see many sow themselves
unbeknownst to them, the seed’s fall to come.

The mind plucked from the tree separates its stem though it still lingers like an old recording on an endless loop.
Trying to convince itself it is not a vhs rerun with terrible reception, are they that cheap to still run the stream in analog format its not even digital yet you can’t fool the eyes on the screen… sheesh. Must the virtual head set infused within the eye balls glitch from time to time and accidentally rewind!?
Ah the movie called mind with this fuzzy screen of static plasticity in motion with colorful silhouettes in translucent mirrors that are designated only to produce steam?

How I envy my past life of sleep in a truman like filled imperfect world that never haunted my deepest core with hungry ghosts, goblins, warlocks, wizards, witches, and all the imaginables as they materialize randomly from the vhs tape to scare me half to death.. with these metaphors I speak implying deeper layers that scare even my mouth though the heart is screaming it within!

Why has the collective unconscious from the twelve house parked its ugly face on me?
Why did no one warn me that my sun unbeknownst to me the whole time was parked by the cuspian of the sun’s apex smoldering Hades motions of dreadful fumes of chains that linger to this day the sun’s gaze burning at my feet!

The two intertwined gift eyes that most souls would commit suicide at the sight of having. End up in psychiatric wards just look at the wheel it sits in plain sight and yet by some slim chance I survived with competence and all my cognitive functions in tacked.
How did I survive past the hydrogen dust cloud? Your nebulous guess is as good as mine.
By a miracle my heart was weighed and it was lighter than a feather from the expulsion of unsuppressed suffering …

Thus I walk in silence externally and internally not out of choice but to make sure my land line does not accidentally cross into the wrong mind another world and stumble into their world that may be inside out seeing accidentally into their soul as it spills out into the open that which they wish to hide even from themselves.
Seeing their darkess dark in plain sight and then pretend I didn’t see a thing! The worlds my eyes can see even in the darkess dark, these eyes are blessedly cursed to see the living and the dead and things that no human should ever see walk amongst each other regardless of the tone or color the underworld does not care about our biological resume our souls are all the same! Drawing against my will things I wish I couldn’t see! And yet what would a poem be without my despair and suffering.

Seeing the deepest hells and the highest heavens and I still walk with cowardice boldly and say loudly silently within I don’t believe in forms of any kind throw me every form under the sun I don’t care for your films of geometry!! Walking in an eternal desert silently completely alone void of all human contact witnessing all types of lifeforms, an absolute I would never wish on any sentient life core.

How I enjoy sleeping next to these super advance lifeforms of technology called trees that grow from bio fractals called seeds.

Oh don’t mind me I’m just a fancy charlatan vagabond creating beautiful fictions with poisonous stings of metaphysical metaphors and similes.